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Martino / Cesare

barokowa / baroque
Martino / Cesare
Cena: 65,00 zł
Cena netto: 52,85 zł

 Giovanni Martino  Cesare

Musicali Melodie per voci e instrumenti



  • Jean-Pierre Canihac, Cornets
  • Philippe Matharel, Cornets
  • Daniel Lassalle, tenor sackbut
  • Bernard Fourtet, bass sackbut
  • Jan Willem Jansen, organ, harpsichord
  • Jean Tubéry, cornet
  • Stéfan Légée, tenor sackbut
  • Nicolas Valade, tenor sackbut
  • Charles-Edouard Fantin, chitarone, theorbo
  • Brigit Taübl, violin
  • Gunar Letzbor, violin
  • Lorenz Duftschmid, viol, violone
  • Christine Pluhar, harp
  • Guillemette Laurens, soprano
  • Marie-Claude Valin, soprano
  • Jean-Louis Comoretto, alto
  • Jean-Yves Guerry, alto
  • John Elwes, tenor
  • Bruno Boterf, tenor
  • Bernard Fabre-Garrus, bass
  • Yves Bergé, bass


The sole complete copy of Giovanni Martino Cesare'sMusicali Melodie, recorded here, is to be found in the Episcopal Library of Regensburg. Of the 28 numbers listed in the table of contents, 14 of these are Concerti Spiritualiwith one to five voices and basso continuo, along with 14 instrumental pieces of one to six parts with basso continuo.

In the 14 Concerti Spirituali, the mixture of voices and instruments produces an extraordinary variety of sonority which allows, while underlining the text, to strengthen the musical expression. The instrumentation are rich in multiple conbinations, in permutations of attractive tones.

The legacy that Venetian music bequeathed to musical world at the beginning of the 17th century resides primarily in the relation between instrumental composition and singing.

Les Sacqueboutiers decided to republish this recording dating 1996 because of the exceptional participation of great invited artists gathered around the "hard core"of the brass ensemble.

Recorded in 1996.

Recorded in January 2015 -  FLORA 3615






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