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DV8 PHYSICAL THEATRE – 3 Ballets / DVD - 2h 38'/ subtitles: EN/FR/DE/ES

DV8 PHYSICAL THEATRE – 3 Ballets / DVD - 2h 38'/ subtitles: EN/FR/DE/ES
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Strange Fish
Performers: Kate Champion, Nigel Charnock, Jordi Cortes Molina, Wendy Houstoun, Diana Payne-Myers, Melanie Pappenheim (vocals), Lauren Potter, Dale Tanner
Vocal music by Jocelyn Pook, Instrumental music by Adrian Johnston
Directed by David Hinton

Enter Achilles
Performers: Gabriel Castillo, Jordi Cortes Molina, David Emanuel, Ross Hounslow, Jeremy James, Juan Kruz Diaz de Garaio Esnaola, Liam Steel, Robert Tannion
Music by Adrian Johnston, Directed by Clara van Gool

Dead Dreams of Monochrome Men
Performers: Lloyd Newson, Nigel Charnock, Russell Maliphant, Douglas Wright
Music by Sally Herbert, Directed by David Hinton
Devised and created collaboratively under the direction of Lloyd Newson


“For courage and mastery, DV8 is unmatched.” The Independent on Sunday
  • Strange Fish
    The work concerns the nature of our quest for someone to love and something, or someone, to believe in. The tyranny of couples and groups, the pain of not belonging and the terror of being alone are all laid bare in a series of powerful images which are both pitiless and profoundly compassionate. Strange Fish is harrowing and frightening, but also contains some acutely funny moments. 

  • Enter Achilles
    A funny, cruel exploration of the male psyche, Enter Achilles is set in a typical British pub, a shabby, nicotine-stained boozer. Pop songs tumble out of the jukebox, there is football on the TV, and the eight men lark around, pint glasses in hand. But their blokish fun is balanced on a knife-edge of tension, for beneath the mateyness lurks a disturbing undercurrent of insecurity, where weakness is brutally exploited and violence covers up vulnerability.

  • Dead Dreams of Monochrome Men
    This work explores the grisly world of the notorious serial killer Dennis Nilsen. Founded upon the conviction that societal homophobia is bound to result in tragic consequences, it gets to grips with the disturbing forces that drove Nilson to kill for company. In the anguished twilight between the meatmarket of gay clubland and brokenhearted bedsitterland, the fine line between sex and death is all but erased. Harrowing, and bleak, the fierce physical action that has become DV8's trademark is nevertheless shaped into a forceful plea for humanity in a dehumanising world.

Picture format: NTSC 4:3
Sound format: PCM Stereo
Region code: 0
Menu Languages: English, German, French, Spanish
Running time: 158 mins
No. of DVDs: 1 (DVD 9)

Physical Release : 02/2007

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