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Charpentier / David et Jonathas /DVD

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Charpentier / David et Jonathas /DVD
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Tragédie en musique, Libretto: Père François de Paule Bretonneau

Pascal Charbonneau (David), Ana Quintans (Jonathas), , Frédéric Caton (Achis), Krešimir Špicer (Joabel),Visse (La Pythonisse) & Pierre Bessière (L’Ombre de Samuel)

Orchestra & Chorus of Les arts Florissant,  (conductor) & Andreas Homoki (direction)

Scenography: Paul Zoller

Costumes: Gideon Davey

Lighting: Franck Evin

The rare biblical opera 'David and Jonathas' is like 'Médée', one of the major works of the French Baroque composer Marc-Antoine Charpentier. The opera has been in the repertoire of Les Arts Florissants since 1988 and was first presented in a stage production by William Christie at the Aix-en-Provence Festival 2012. This DVD release is a special event for all Baroque music lovers.

Written a year after the death of Lully, this lyric tragedy allows Charpentier to develop beyond the religious dimension, a story of male friendship and forbidden love between David and Jonathas. An excellent cast gathered around William Christie and Les Arts Florissants brings young singers to the title roles: Pascal Charbonneau, a tenor and a former student of the European Academy of Music, sings David. The role of Jonathas is given to a woman: soprano Ana Quintans.

The staging by Andreas Homoki (Director of the Zurich Opera since summer 2012) focuses on the psychological aspect of this forbidden love story, giving a moving reading of the drama.

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